We offer FREE education packs linked to the themes of our exhibitions to inspire a creative learning experience at NCCD.

Use our pack to inform a group visit, take part in a ‘Tour & Draw’ or learn new skills in an artist-led workshop!

We can tailor your visit to meet specific curriculum needs and we support students to achieve Bronze, Silver and Gold Arts Award.

To book one of our education offers, please call 01529 308 710 or email learning@nccd.org.uk


Excellent reasons to get involved at the NCCD — we meet the criteria!

  • Artsmark helps to chart pupils’ progress in the arts by drawing upon the Claxton, Lucas and Spencer’s model of Creative Learning Progression (2012). Evidence of impact can be identified via uptake of the NCCD regular teachmeet events and training opportunities to improve skills and knowledge for students and teachers.
  • The Learning programmes at NCCD is written with cross curricular learning opportunities in mind and meets the learning objectives across the Key Stages.
  • NCCD gives the ‘wow-factor’ of art with our stimulating opportunities available through the vibrant education and public learning programmes.
  • The team at NCCD engages young people, placing them at the heart of programming.
  • Talk with the learning team at NCCD to help you create your ambition and vision for Artsmark in your school and let us help support you on your journey.
  • NCCD is exciting, inspiring and engaging and will help you to maximize the number of ‘ways-in’ for learners of different abilities and learning styles.
  • NCCD provides authentic opportunities offering real-world challenges to learners with the range of learning opportunities available.