Performers, Politics and Pop Culture

28 Apr – 8 Jul 2018

Main Gallery

The National Centre for Craft & Design and artsNK will celebrate the 250th anniversary of Circus in Britain through a major exhibition of live performances, aerial, film, photography and design. 

Pushing the boundaries of design and performing arts; traditional and contemporary, the exhibition will explore circus design including posters, pop culture and costume. A programme of live aerial performances including Performer in Residence Claire Crook, will form a major part of the exhibition uniting static and live exhibits in NCCD's Main Gallery for the first time.

The exhibition will discuss Politics; Women in Circus, Equality and Inclusivity. The impact of Circus on pop-culture will be explored through film, literature and pop acts inspired by Circus over the decades.

A Grand Opening event on Sat 28 Apr (10am-5pm) kicks off the spectacle with a street parade, live acts, taster sessions, refreshments and so much more!

The gallery will be transformed into a space dedicated to participative performing arts for the duration of the exhibition.

Exhibitors include:

Becky Truman, Skinning the Cat Costumes
Tina Bicât, Ockham's Razor Costumes
Rhiannon Matthews, NoFitState Costumes
Posters from the Richley Archive
Peter Lavery, Circus Work 1968-2018
Liliana Robins, Sweet (2017) Videography
Claire Crook, Performer in Residence
Rio Willett, Performer in Residence