Women’s Work

Pioneering Contemporary Craft

7 Jul – 2 Sep 2018

Roof Gallery

Image: Agnes Jones, Blacksmith Photo by: Liam Prior

“I love the idea that you can take something so hard and strong, add heat to make it malleable, almost fluid, and create something beautiful. And then when it cools, and the hard properties return, the movement and life remain, encapsulated in the artwork forever.”

- Bex Simon​

To mark this centenary year of Women’s Suffrage, when some women were given the right to vote in the UK, NCCD launches a mixed contemporary craft exhibition exploring gender and craft. Women's Work brings together an eclectic mix of pioneering women working at the forge, the bench and with modern technology. Glimpse into the world of female blacksmiths, stone carvers and 3D printers and explore the exciting forms they create in jewellery, vessels, installations and furniture. 

NCCD is proud to champion crafts which feature on The Radcliffe Red List of Endangered Crafts such as blacksmithing, wood working and leather working.

Artists Include

Elizabeth Armour

Sally Burnett

Tania Clarke Hall

Agnes Jones

Liz Middleton

Bex Simon

Image: Double Cross Necklace, Tania Clarke Hall Photo by: Pari Naderi

Image: Io at Uppark National Trust, Agnes Jones