NCCD is committed to supporting learning for all ages.  We have a variety of craft and design workshops and events throughout each season.

We can work with you to develop a bespoke craft and design workshop that meets your specific creative or curriculum needs.

All workshops can involve a talk and tour around our galleries, along with activities designed to accompany the current exhibitions.    

For more information or to book, please contact the learning team on 01529 308718 or email

We welcome all educational groups of all ages

Visiting The National Centre for Craft & Design is a fantastic opportunity to learn not only in context but by personal engagement and discovery.  Visitors are able to explore contemporary craft and design of national and international significance by investigation, exploring techniques and processes, critical thinking and an organised practical activity.

Taking inspiration from our upcoming exhibition Jerwood Makers Open 2019, we have the following workshops available:



Mixed Media workshop inspired by Lucie Gledhill

Jerwood_Makers_Open_Image-Lucie-Gledhill-Chain-2019-detail.-Wood-iron-and-silver-Photo-Anna-Arca.jpg#asset:2072Lucie Gledhill, Chain, 2019 (detail) Wood, iron and silver. Photo Anna Arca

Using Lucie Gledhill’s piece Chain as a starting point this workshop involves experimentation of materials, scale and methods of linking to develop ideas and understanding of how chains are formed to create a collaborative piece.

£275 for a 4 hour session

Key Stage 2,3,4 or 5

Ceramic Workshop inspired by Bethan Lloyd Worthington

Jerwood_Makers_Open_Bethan-Lloyd-Worthington-Making-all-the-greens-unstable-2019-photography-by-Anna.jpg#asset:2070Bethan Lloyd Worthington, Making all the greens unstable, 2019. Photo Anna Arca

Taking inspiration from the work of Bethan Lloyd Worthington, explore and identify the symbolism of the colour green. Using colour mixing and the exploration of texture in natural objects participants will develop a 3D form which is then produced in clay.

£275 for 1 x 4 hours session

Key Stage 1,2,3,4 or 5

Dance Workshop inspired by Lucie Gledhill's work, Chain

TrueMot-002-SMALL-by-E-Egg-5ds_6467.jpg#asset:2268Image by Electric Egg

Focusing on Lucie’s Gledhill’s work Chain, join the Dance Team as we explore the links and chains we use in movement. We’ll be building human sculptures, forming links and patterns with bodies in space and exploring how Lucie’s techniques of carving, casting and hammering could affect our movement. A great opportunity to respond to the exhibition in a unique and creative way. Carve out your own dance in the process.

£120 for half a day

£200 for full day

All Key Stages

Core Offer - Mono Printing


As an ongoing option throughout the year, we work with locally-based artist Harriott Brand, to deliver a mono print-making workshop.

Pupils can make a print using mark making techniques or collage producing several printed design variations. Prints can be made onto different types of paper. This session works well, if the pupils are working on a specific theme at school and want to explore it in more detail and work with different media. Schools can either bring their own inspiration with them if they are following a specific topic, or can be inspired by our programme of exhibitions and showcases.

£220 for 4 hour workshop

Key Stage 1,2,3 or 4

Core Offer - Move.Mind.Make


Move.Mind.Make workshops give children an opportunity to explore mindfulness and creativity through dance and movement. Sessions are designed to develop healthy minds and bodies through child friendly yoga based activities, breathing techniques, relaxation and a chance to make and create dance together.

Combine your Move.Mind.Make sessions with a gallery tour. Using reflection and meditation exercise to engage with the exhibition the tour.

£120 per session

All Key Stages


All offers are subject to availability of the artists.

All prices + VAT.

All workshops include a tour of the exhibition and are adaptable for different age groups and group sizes. Workshops are suitable for all abilities. For prices and availability please contact or ring 01529 308 710

Artsmark Partner

The NCCD is proud to be working in partnership with schools and educational settings who are working towards or are currently on an Artsmark journey to embed arts and culture across the curriculum.

Artsmark is a creative quality standard awarded by Arts Council England, recognising commitment in high quality arts and cultural education.

We can offer the following:

  • The Learning programme at NCCD is written with cross-curricular learning opportunities in mind and meets the learning objectives across the Key Stages.
  • NCCD gives the ‘wow-factor’ of art with our stimulating opportunities available through the vibrant education and public learning programmes.
  • Provides authentic opportunities offering real-world challenges to learners with the range of learning opportunities available.
  • Deliver Arts Award (Discover, Explore, Bronze & Silver)
  • Personal progression opportunities for children and young people.
  • The team at NCCD engages young people, placing them at the heart of programming.
  • Community projects/events that children and young people can access in North Kesteven
  • Signposting to creative opportunities and experts locally, regionally and nationally
  • Specialised art projects for children and young people in the North Kesteven area (e.g. Festivals, public arts projects, etc.)
  • Talks and visits in school about career progression in the arts in the North Kesteven area
  • Talk with the Learning Team at NCCD to help you create your ambition and vision for Artsmark in your school and let us help support you on your journey.
  • Delivers exciting, inspiring and engaging programme that will help you to maximize the number of ‘ways-in’ for learners of different abilities and learning styles.