Textiles workshop

Theme: Mad March Hares or Easter Rabbits!

In the month of March the curious antics of the European hare still enchant young and old alike.  Inspired by Alice in Wonderland this is an opportunity to let your wild side run free.  Working with cloth, thread, ribbons, lace and beads students will decorate their very own cloth hares.

In this special workshop with Ctrl/Shift exhibiting artist Nigel Cheney, pupils will learn a variety of hand stitch and embellishment techniques in order to customise an original textile print.

Workshop Itinerary:

  • Brief tour of our textiles exhibition
  • Discussion of the exhibitions – encourage students to take sketches and make notes on the use of colour light and shadow within selected artworks.
  • Discuss around the work of selected artists.
  • Demonstration of various stitch and embellishments for textiles
  • Creation of textile pieces

KS2, KS3 & KS4


Printmaking Workshop

As an ongoing option throughout the year, we work with locally-based artist Harriott Brand, to deliver a collagraph print-making workshop.

Pupils can make a printing plate using collage design of scrap card, fabric, string etc and several prints can be made from the plate. Prints can be made onto photocopied text and images, as well as plain paper.  This session works well, if the pupils are working on a specific theme at school and want to explore it in more detail and work with different media. Schools can either bring their own inspiration with them if they are following a specific topic, or can be inspired by our programme of exhibitions and showcases.

KS2, KS3 & KS4


Dyslexia Awareness workshop with artist/designer Lucy Grainge

Fri 15 Mar, 9.30-11.30am or 12.30-2.30pm

  • Introduction to Lucy and the artwork she has created about Dyslexia, including her books ‘A Different Way of Brain Processing’ and her print work. Children have the opportunity to go and see the work on display at Lucy’s exhibition ‘The Shapes of Words’ at the NCCD.
  • A presentation about dyslexia, which includes case studies, including 'famous/successful’ dyslexics the children will know. A breakdown of what both the strengths and challenges of dyslexia can be, and ways to help deal with problems which dyslexia can create, such as mind mapping, colour coding, starting work early, visualisation etc.
  • Intertwined with the presentation will be creative tasks, for example using paper cut outs of letters, collage, drawing exercises, simple creative writing tasks. (ie. asking children to write a word in a way which reflects it’s meaning)
  • The final task will be to create a poster (or a simple game) to teach people about Dyslexia, which may include tips for someone with Dyslexia, to inform someone about dyslexia, positivity about dyslexia, myths surrounding dyslexia etc.

The workshop aims to tell children what being dyslexic can mean in a practical and interactive way. Lucy acknowledges both the challenges and strengths people with dyslexia can have and see’s it as a different way of learning, not a disability. Statistics show people with Dyslexia are more likely to have mental health issues and low self-confidence, therefore it is important for them to understand what their dyslexia means, so they can ask for the correct support. Equally it is important for non-dyslexics to have an understanding. She also covers different learning styles and that it’s about finding the best ways, which help you learn. Lucy has undertaken extensive interviews and research into dyslexia, and uses her artwork and these workshops to break down the stigma and misunderstanding surrounding it. Her work is very much about storytelling, sharing experiences and being positive about Dyslexia.

Lucy works in Community Arts for Impact Arts in Glasgow and is a swimming teacher so has a breath of experience working with children including with additional learning needs. Please see Lucy’s website to see some of her work.

Maximum 25 students per workshop





Max 30 participants within a 2.5 hour session. 

Full day workshops also available.

All workshops are adaptable for different age groups and group sizes. Workshops are suitable for all abilities. For prices and availability please contact learning@nccd.org.uk or ring 01529 308 710


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