Anthotype Process - Heritage Lincolnshire Online Talks & Activity

Thu 17 Jun, 6.30pm – 8.30pm

£25, 18yrs+


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Anthotype printing is a rare historic photographic process, a way of m­­­aking natural and environmentally friendly prints by exploiting the photosensitive material of plants with no camera involved. Anthotype loosely translated from Greek means “flower print” and you will find yourself lost in the endless possibilities of nature’s beautiful palette.

A history, science and art lesson all rolled into one, the anthotype process was discovered in the 1800s and experimented with intensely by notable scientist Sir John Herschel in the 1840s during his quest to invent colour photography. Anthotypes are now considered an alternative photographic process, and many plants are yet to be tested out – maybe you will be the first to make a new discovery!

What you will learn

  • Early history of anthotype prints, how it was discovered, detail of historic prints.
  • Science behind the anthotype process and working safely.
  • Extraction of pigment from plants to make a photographic emulsion and the surprising colours that are obtained.
  • Applying pigment to a substrate (fabric or paper based)
  • Considerations for designing a print.
  • Exposing an anthotype print (participants will do this over the following days/weeks depending on their choice of emulsion)
  • Storage and protection of exposed prints.
  • Process will be demonstrated and some pre-exposed prints will be revealed.

Craft kit contents

  • 4 sheets of A5 watercolour paper
  • Handout – step by step guide to the process
  • Handout - List of plant specimens to grind, including a guide to the expected colour of their emulsion.
  • Handout - List of specimens/items that are good for contact printing.

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