Online Contemporary Classes

Thu 3 Dec, 4.30 – 5.45pm

£16 for 4 sessions, 11-19yrs

Telephone: 07718 200 672


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This Contemporary dance technique class builds strength, stamina and coordination, with an emphasis on finding fluidity when moving. Challenging participants on an individual level, this session is particularly suitable for anyone looking to develop their contemporary dance technique.

As we are not able to teach our regular classes in the studio, we have taken our programme online.
This four-week block of classes will cost £16. If for whatever reason you cannot commit to all four classes, we can send you a recording of the class to do in your own time.

Households with more than two dancers participating can purchase two tickets per class for the whole house to join.

Please be aware, in order to participate, parents/guardians must complete the online consent form and agree to the terms of the online class format. Classes are run through Zoom and links will be sent out once you have registered and paid for your class.

Recordings of any missed classes can be sent to participants.


In the unlikely event that you cause yourself or others harm whilst participating in our virtual classes or other online activities you accept that artsNK/NCCD are not liable. By taking part in any of our online activities you/your child also take full responsibility in ensuring you are participating safely in your home. For example, by making sure you have enough space while participating in the activity and making alterations to the movement if needed.

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