Performance Design Education: Graduate Futures - Flex, Flux and Fly

Wed 2 Dec 2020, 11am–6:30pm

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Photo: Alex Brenner

The Society of British Theatre Designers hosts the fourth in a series of dynamic dialogues with practitioners based in the East Midlands.

About this Event

SBTD Education Working Group: Facilitated by Nadia Malik

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world - Nelson Mandela, 1990.

 Hosted virtually by the National Centre for Craft and Design (NCCD) and the Society of British Theatre Designers (SBTD), this open forum will touch on some of the pressing issues in Performance Design Education today. No speakers, just provocations, guided discussions and ‘what ifs’. Performance practitioners / educators / students welcome to any and all timeslots through the day.

Performance practice is morphing into a new realm where creative boundaries are porous: practitioners will be able to harness the power of physical proximity and the reach of remote practice in symbiosis. Now is the moment to be to be curious about and playful with the full range of tools and opportunities available to us, to learn to speak the language of other disciplines and to take risks. As we move forward, graduates with expanded perspectives will pioneer fresh forms of storytelling. Through the continuous exchange of industry and education, young practitioners will invent new practices for a future industry that embraces and celebrates the diversity of performance design and making into the future.


Flex: embedding emerging technologies

-what technologies do we use / choose?

-what tech support / tech infrastructures do we need?

-how can we re-educate / re-skill ourselves as tech-savvy educators?


Flux: remodelling the landscape

-what might performance-relevant HE structures and departments look like?

-what can we learn from Performance Design Education around the world?

-how can we harness knowledge exchange between students and practitioners?


Fly: imagining the future

-what jobs don’t exist yet in performance design and making?

-what soft and hard skills will graduates need for these future practices?

-what if…

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