Body & Mind

Seen & Unseen

1 Feb – 19 Apr 2020

Main Gallery

Charlotte Colbert, Synapse,2018, Ceramic with pink flock | Image courtesy of the artist

Body & Mind: Seen & Unseen brings together a group of thought-provoking and engaging works, across a range of media, which all, in different ways, look at what it means to be well. 

The exhibition considers both visible health and those less visible aspects of well-being, through works exploring personal experience of health issues and pieces that examine our relationship to our bodies and the treatment of illness. 

Materials and the process of making are both key to the creation of all works in the exhibition. For some artists, making has been part of a process of recovery; for others it’s the exploration of the potential of particular materials to enhance our well-being; or to communicate an idea relating to health and the treatment of illness that is significant.

The show includes works of contemporary craft and design in a wide range of forms, including wearable items, installation-based works and sculptural objects. 

Body & Mind: Seen & Unseen questions the perception of what it means to be well, whether this is something that can be seen, and how our understanding of this has changed over time.

Featured artists

Susan Aldworth
Jan Bowman
Charlotte Colbert
Anna Dumitriu
Rob Elford
Susie Freeman
Eleanor Kerr-Patton
Janine Partington
Robyn Smith
Karina Thompson
Ellie Turner
Laura Youngson Coll
Q Club

Anna Dumitriu, Clean Linen | Image courtesy of the artist

Karina Thompson, Out of the Dirt | Image courtesy of the artist