Remember Me

Charlotte Hodes Papercuts and Ceramics

11 Jan – 22 Mar 2020

Roof Gallery & Project Space

Image: Charlotte Hodes | Photo: Scott Murray

I have been inspired by the whole exhibition, I love and have loved Charlotte's work for many years, seeing it in the flesh has blown me away. Brilliant!


Remember Me profiles Charlotte Hodes’ longstanding engagement with the boundaries between fine art and craft practice. Her work draws from both the rich iconography of the decorative arts and her own hand drawn archive of motifs centered on the female figure.

Hodes uses collage in a unique way to challenge accepted hierarchical structures and presents a vision that is led by a female sensibility and poetic imaginings. Her ceramic installations, made up of multiple pieces of ready-made tableware as an alternative ‘canvas’, reference domesticity and the home.

The installation Remember Me was commissioned by and first shown in a solo exhibition at Wolverhampton Art Gallery, 2017.

Image: Remember Me: Charlotte Hodes Papercuts and Ceramics | All Photos: Scott Murray

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