Dr Lois Pittman

The Fabric of Wellbeing

1 Feb – 6 Sep 2020

Window Collection

Dr Lois Pittman is a Textile Designer-Maker and researcher based locally in Lincoln. She has worked extensively with newly developed ecological fibres and she currently teaches textile techniques using these raw fibres.

The inherent properties and characteristics of bio-polymer fibres have the ability to work in harmony with the body. This has relevance to textile futures in the context of an ageing population.

The window collection showcases a selection of her textile accessory prototypes produced using Milk PLA fibres and seamless knit technology.  Lois has explored both the creative appeal and the design application of Milk PLA to demonstrate how high quality accessories can be created with both ecological and health & well-being benefits.

Image: Dr Lois Pittman, The Fabric of Wellbeing | Photo: Scott Murray

Image: Dr Lois Pittman, The Fabric of Wellbeing | Photo: Scott Murray