Theatrical Property

19 Sep 2020 – 10 Jan 2021

Window Collection

Alongside Staging Places, our Window Collection showcases work from a number of local designer-makers working in theatre design, including Lou Jones and Ruth Pigott.

Lou Jones is a versatile designer/maker with over 20 years of experience working in theatre, television, museums, event production and community arts.

Louise has a BA in Theatre Design at Birmingham Institute of Art and Design and an MA in Scenography. She has worked extensively in repertory theatre, designing, prop making, puppet making, scenic painting and Designing large scale costumes. In line with NCCD’s new season of Stage Design, Lou will create new work for NCCD’s window collection.’

Ruth Pigott is a theatre and event artist and is also a graduate with a BA in Theatre Design. She makes puppets, props and costuming for theatre shows and outdoor events.

Ruth loves the movement and uniqueness puppets can bring, adding a spark of magic to stories and tales.

The window collection showcases some of the smaller puppets Ruth makes. Anouk Squirrel and Clarence Fox were produced for a CREATE-on project with Transported Art. Pip was created for a suitcase theatre show, ‘Pip and Pops’, and Candy Floss was made to experiment with techniques of puppet making.’

Image: Puppets by Ruth Pigott

Image: Stags head model by Lou Jones